Sex with a Cold: Can it Decongest a Stuffy Nose?

Sex with a Cold: Can it Decongest a Stuffy Nose?

Sex: unexpected remedy for a stuffy nose?

A stuffy nose can be a rather annoying symptom of colds and other winter ailments: what if we told you that going to bed could help relieve nasal congestion, but not necessarily to take a nap?

In addition to nasal sprays, decongestant teas, aerosols, and over-the-counter medications, sex appears to offer one surprising benefit, which is to offer temporary relief from nasal congestion. This potential effect of sexual activity deserves critical appraisal. So let’s see for what physiological reason it is plausible that sexual intercourse with orgasm can work as a remedy for stuffy nose: let’s only anticipate that the stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system has something to do with it.

A “Nobel Prize” research

There has always been promising scientific research on how to derive additional health benefits from routine behaviors and habits. Who doesn’t want to feel good drinking coffee or eating chocolate ?

The study by some German and British researchers, led by Dr. Olcay Cem Bulut of the Heidelberg University Hospital, published at the beginning of 2021, which earned them the Ig Nobel prize for medicine. The study supports the contention that orgasmic sex can relieve congestion and improve nasal function in a similar way to a decongestant spray (Bulut OC, Oladokun D, ​​Lippert BM, Hohenberger R. Can Sex Improve Nasal Function?—An Exploration of the Link Between Sex and Nasal Function. Ear, Nose & Throat Journal. 2023;102(1):40-45).

What are the Ig Nobels?

The Ig Nobel Prize (where “Ig” stands for IgNoble, i.e. not noble, and plays on the assonance with the much better known Nobels) is a prize awarded to celebrate ten unusual or trivial results in scientific research: it has been organized every year since 1991, from the Annals of Improbable Research (AIR) journal.

The Ig Nobels are awarded to “honor achievements that first make you laugh and then make you think,” in a ceremony presented at Harvard University, followed by public lectures by the laureates at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

How does it work

Why can having sex (with orgasm) reduce nasal congestion?

The soft tissues of the nose contain many blood vessels, called turbinates. These blood vessels function in a similar way to the erectile and labial tissues in the genitals: They can swell. Swollen tissue in the nose can block the nasal passages, creating congestion and making breathing more difficult.

During arousal, the sympathetic nervous system (the one that triggers the fight or flight response) kicks into action. Just like when you exercise, adrenaline levels rise and blood vessels constrict: Less blood flow to your nose means less inflammation, so your nose opens up and you can breathe easier.

However, this phenomenon can evoke an annoying side effect: as you get relief from the congestion, you may emphasize the rhinorrhea (or runny nose ). This can happen during or after sexual activity.

What connection exists between orgasm and the nose?

The theory of ” reflex nasal neurosis ” was put forward by the German otolaryngologist Wilhelm Fliess, a close friend of Sigmund Freud, in 1897: both believed that neuroses were mainly caused by sexual problems.

Fliess theorized that there were specific “genital points” in the inferior nasal turbinate that affected genital function, then postulated that reflex nasal neurosis was based on the important physiological connection between the nose and the genitals: yet, … full text

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Sex-induced sneezing: why it happens and what is honeymoon rhinitis

Sex-induced sneezing why it happens and what is honeymoon rhinitis

Sneezing after sex? It seems like a seemingly bizarre phenomenon, but there is a growing body of medical literature linking sneezing to orgasm, arousal, and even thoughts of sex . To date, the most widely supported hypothesis is that stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system may be involved in this event . Remember, in fact, that this controls both the sneeze reflex and sexual responses.

Why do we sneeze?

A sneeze is a semi-autonomous reflex (i.e. not totally dependent on our will) which manifests itself in the convulsive expulsion of air from the lungs through the nose and mouth and is developed to clear the nasal passages of particulate matter, infectious material and other irritants . _ Usually, it is therefore a biological response caused by foreign particles that irritate the nasal mucosa and trigger the release of histamine . In turn, this irritates the nerve cells in the nose, causing signals to be sent to the brain to initiate sneezing via the bloodstream network.trigeminal nerve .

The neural region involved in the sneeze reflex is located in the brainstem along the ventromedial aspect of the spinal trigeminal nucleus and the adjacent lateral pontine medullary reticular formation.

This region appears to control the pharyngeal, intrinsic laryngeal, and respiratory muscles , and the combined activity of these muscles forms the basis for the generation of a sneeze.

What is it about

Thinking about sex, having it, or reaching an orgasm evokes an uncontrolled sneezing attack in some people.

Sex sneezing: how and when do they occur? The person experiences sneezing as a result of erotic thoughts, arousal, sexual intercourse, or orgasm.

Sneezing occurs regardless of external nasal stimuli or allergens and can occur at any time during a sexual experience.

Sneezing and sex: what’s the link?

It may sound outlandish, but sneezing is not just a reflex that is developed to clear the nasal passages of particulate matter and other irritants, it can be induced by sexual ideation or orgasm .

But what could connect nasal and genital areas? In the late 1800s, Dr. Fleiss, a close friend of Freud’s, developed his theory of ” reflex nasal neurosis ,” suggesting the existence of erectile tissue in both the nasal and genital membranes. Unfortunately, Fleiss was never able to explain how the erectile tissue of these distant sites was connected, and after he developed a somewhat fanciful theory linking the nose to menstruation, his ideas were discredited.

Sex-induced sneezing why it happens and what is honeymoon rhinitisCurrently, stimulation of the parasympathetic system appears to be the most likely explanation of sex-induced sneezing based on the following principle: All reported sneezing triggers that arise independently of a nasal stimulus have parasympathetic outflow as a common variable .

Why does having sex or even thinking about sex make you sneeze?

The exact reasons why sex and sneezing are linked in some people are still being investigated and need further elucidation, but it has been speculated that “faulty wiring” in the autonomic nervous system (parasympathetic, specifically) is implicated . that is, the system that exercises unconscious control of, among other things, heart rate , digestion , and pupil dilation .

There are other examples of unrelated or unusual events that trigger sneezing : for example, 25% of people sneeze in response to bright light and, concurrently, there is parasympathetic activity leading to pupil constriction; rarer are people who sneeze after a meal, when … full text

Coffee before sex: what are the benefits for erection and orgasm?

Coffee before sex what are the benefits for erection and orgasm

Sex: What caffeine can (and can’t) do

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world and, whatever the reasons for consuming it, it is known to improve energy levels , aid concentration and be rich in antioxidants.

In addition to these effects, it seems that drinking coffee before having sex can make a difference: let’s take a look at what the real benefits are for the sexual sphere and which are, instead, just myths to dispel.

Does Coffee Improve Orgasm?

Coffee: is it true that it amplifies the female orgasm?

A trend circulating on the net claims that drinking coffee before sex can intensify the orgasm by at least 50%.

To understand if caffeine has any effect on the intensity of an orgasm, we must first remember what we are talking about:

  • Orgasm consists of a set of neuro-muscular reactions, involuntary and of short duration, which result in a series of perivaginal contractions, generally at the height of sexual excitement.
  • In women, orgasms can be achieved in many different ways, including stimulation of the nipple , clitoris , vagina , and rectum .
  • In each of these cases, different nerve endings are stimulated which triggers the release of certain neurochemicals and the increase in blood flow which causes various changes in the body. During an orgasm, for example, women experience a significant increase in heart rate and blood pressure; in the genital area, on the other hand, the vagina begins to secrete a viscous lubricating fluid, while the increased spraying produces clitoral erection and tumescence of the labia majora and minora .
  • Orgasms also release neurotransmitters such as oxytocindopamine and endorphins responsible for feelings of well – being . This pro-pleasure “chemical cocktail” can improve mood and sleep quality , while reducing the levels of stress hormones in the body.
  • The nerve wiring through the vulva and vagina can vary from person to person, so the experience of orgasm is also physiologically subjective.

Coffee before sex what are the benefits for erection and orgasmThe alleged caffeine-orgasm connection could be explained by the vasodilator effect of caffeine: this means that this substance dilates or makes blood vessels more open , allowing more blood to flow to the extremities. To give an example: Viagra is a vasodilator, so it essentially causes blood vessels to dilate, allowing more blood to flow through them and aiding in erection, which can help with increased sensitivity and potential for orgasm. On the other hand, it is interesting to note that the effect of caffeine on blood vessels varies, therefore, for some parts of the body, coffee also works as a vasoconstrictorand, by acting on the blood vessels that supply the muscles of the head and neck, it can produce a stimulating effect on the brain and, if present, help relieve headaches.

Much remains to be explored about how caffeine affects orgasm. In a 2005 study examining the acute effect of caffeine on rats and their sexual activity, it was observed that, once administered the substance, the female selectively increased visits to the male when physical contact was possible. The research team added that the study has not been replicated and it is difficult to say whether or not it was significant: it could be that caffeine simply keeps animals (and possibly people) awake, thus making them more active from a sleep point of view as well. sexual activity.

full text

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